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Final Report: ZycoTherm™ Field Performance Evaluations

July 31st, 2015

screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-2-57-16-pmAs requested, Quality Paving Consultants performed field performance evaluations on June 10th and 11th, 2015 for five projects located in the Glenwood, Whitewater, and Slickrock areas on Colorado’s western slope. The performance evaluations were done in accordance with the Colorado Department of Transportation’s CP-59 Warm Mix Asphalt Approval Procedure, Section 6.4.1 to document any rutting, cracking, and raveling/weathering that may be present in the pavements. The information presented below identifies each project individually with regard to location of the project, date of construction, mixture characteristics, and the field performance over the given period of time since construction.

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In summary, all five of the pavements evaluated appear to be performing well. Observed distresses were minimal, especially where comparisons could be made between the conventional pavement and those utilizing the Zycotherm product. Rutting was not present in any of the pavement sections, and where raveling was present is likely due to either manually induced or mechanically induced segregation at the time of construction. The cracking exhibited in both S.H. 50 and S.H. 141 are likely attributed to reflective cracking from the underlying pavement layers. The use of Zycotherm appears to reduce the early onset of reflection cracks, and shows no signs of contributing to the failures present. Should you have questions regarding the evaluations or the summary report, please contact us at your convenience.