Dust and Erosion Control with Zydex Nanotechnology

Dust control on road surface is done using Calcium/Magnesium Chloride or blended brines or frequent water spray. However, these treatments do not give any bonding to soil particles and get washed away during wet spells.

ZycoBond, a UV and heat-stable reactive bonder, is a nano acrylic co-polymer dispersion in water. It offers excellent dust control and erosion resistance for unpaved roads and shoulders. It also gives water resistance and strong bonding to soil particles.






Storage & Shelf Life

Store ZycoBond between 5-45 degrees Celsius (41-133 degrees Fahrenheit) in a shaded, dry area away from sunlight, heat, source of sparks, rain, standing water. Fasten the container lid securely after every use. Its shelf life is 48 months.

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