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Zydex India – Gets Global Recognition, Wins International Research Award for Roads

October 6th, 2016

“Create a Pothole free World”

International Road Federation has chosen, to confer their 2013 IRF Global Road Achievement Award (GRAA), a prestigious award to Zydex Industries for the outstanding research on “Nanotechnology for Chemically Bonded Asphalt Binders”.

Dr. Ajay Ranka, CEO, Zydex Industries & a topnotch scientist, will receive the award at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on November 11, 2013, in front of a global audience of Ministers, Federal Highway Directors, Road makers and select dignitaries.

Dr Ranka has focused his research on ‘creating a sustainable world’ by reducing material usage & extending life-cycle of limiting resources. Dr Ranka holds many American, European & Indian patents.

This IRF Award is a well-deserved recognition of his technology Innovation in Roads.

Zydex nanotechnologies waterproofs Soil, eliminates bond coat failures and reduces rain damage to Asphalt layers.

Moisture permeability is reduced by 500 times, to reduce weakening of soils, minimize the expansion & contraction of soils which causes cracking and undulations of roads.

According to Dr. Ranka, adoption of entire technology is cost neutral, will increase life / durability (make all our roads moisture resistant, pothole free and durable) and can save upto Rs. 25,000/- crores annually.

The globally patented technologies are already commercial in USA, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Spain, Nigeria and India.

This amazing breakthrough of 21st Century from India to build moisture resistant pothole free roads for modern India must be adopted quickly by Govt of India, State Governments, District & Cities and private builders to build a modern India.