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Western Infrastructure was formed by Matt Elam in 2012 to promote and sell environmentally friendly products that are used in the heavy/highway industry from soils to asphalt and other pavements.  WI currently markets Zydex Industries line of organo-silane additives in the Rocky Mountain region which includes Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.

These products have proven performance all over North America and have steadily grown in use in this region. The chemistry that Zydex produces consistently leads to the use of fewer natural resources like asphalt cement, crushed rock & gravel, cement and lime.  As their motto states: “Sustainability through innovation.”

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Meet Owner, Matt Elam

Matt Elam is the owner and President of WI and has over 25 years of continuous experience in the asphalt paving industry.  His grandparents founded Elam Construction, Inc. in 1956 and they had seven asphalt plants in Western CO when he sold his interest in 2008.  Matt then went on to work for Asphalt Recycling & Stabilization in Littleton and Road Science in Tulsa until he formed WI in 2012.  He has a broad range of experiences in this industry from paving & soil stabilization to specialty chemicals & processes.