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4 Mile Road Re-Construction (ZycoTherm™)

January 4th, 2017

Grand River Construction performed this full-depth reclamation of 2 miles of roadway in two phases with paving in August 2013 and August 2014. An independent survey of the roadway in 2015 found no observations of rutting, cracking, or raveling/weathering after numerous harsh Rocky Mountain freeze/thaw cycles.

af6777ba-1e34-4c39-961d-e9edf82c23cbCo Rd 117 – Sunlight Ski Area

Owner:    Garfield County
Producer:    Grand River Construction
Paver:    Grand River Construction
Location:    Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Production Temp:    310 F
Compaction Temp:
ZT Dose:
Asphalt Binder Grade:
    PG 58-28

This project consisted of reconstructing approximately 2 miles of roadway and was phased over a two year period. The upper section was initially constructed in August of 2013, while the lower section was completed in August of 2014. Grand River Construction produced and placed a grading SX-75 PG58-28 mixture containing ZycoTherm used for both compaction aid and anti-stripping properties. Grand River’s mixes with ZycoTherm consistently score in the mid-90’s in TSR results – usually better than hydrated lime or amines-based anti strips.

This project was a full depth reconstruction of the existing roadway.  As part of a CDOT review of ZycoTherm projects, Quality Paving Consultants surveyed the roadway in 2015 and found that no observations of rutting, cracking, or raveling/weathering were made in the surface of the pavement. This after several harsh Rocky Mountain freeze/thaw cycles.

4 Mile Road – County Road 117 to Sunlight Ski Area